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Marketing Quotes

On help

On Love

On Self Confidence

On Success

On Success

What I do


I am a marketing professional for over 20 years in the business. Marketing is not only my profession but my passion.


I have been creating content since I know myself. Thinking, observing, writing, curating, playing all reflect my existence.

PR & Communications

I always got fascinated with the idea of spreading my messages to the world. Lucky to have many friends in the PR world so far.


My product management years taught me a lot about the business and life. Still, I learn a lot from products' success and failure journeys.


My Advice to the Newbie

Marketing is not a one man show anymore. After the digital revolution, many new dimensions were born with new opportunities. Specializing in certain areas can bring the competitive advantage and open the road to the success.

  • Courage to ask shortens the long road.
  • Learning is an everyday process in the modern marketing world.

Where do I work now?

I work as an Marketing and Communications Manager at ODC Business Solutions that provides the omnichannel marketing product "SmartMessage Marketing Platform" for the global B2B business arena.


I have huge respect and love for the other living kinds who share this beautiful earth with us. I dedicate this site to our beloved dog Chocolate aka Chucky that passed away and left us with unforgottable memories. I hope you still smile at us in dog heaven...

All animals go to heaven.
Mother nature mourns after them.

Foxy was about to die when we found her in the thrash bin. We believe this coincidence was one of the luckiest days of our lives. Even though she's not 100% healthy now, she has a warm home and a cuddling family.

The Purr Machine
Our positive energry generator

Kedira is our street survivor, neighborhood defender, and apartment mascot. Winning many people's hearts ensured an untouchable place for him around the block. In and out, he just wanders wherever he wants to. After all he is Kedira, he is the king.

His Majesty
You won't mess with King Kedira

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